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Professional Profile of the Surgical Trainer: Train-the-Trainer-Curricula (SurgTTT)

Within the framework of the European Erasmus project "Professional Profile of the Surgical Trainer: Train-the-Trainer Curricula (SurgTTT)", in cooperation of the ISTT (Innovative Surgical Training Technologies) with the CCMIJU (Jesús Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre, Cáceres / Spain), Semmelweis University (Department of Surgical Research and Techniques, Budapest / Hungary) and the Medis Foundation (National Medical Association, Campina / Romania), a European requirement profile and curriculum for the pedagogical and didactic training of surgeons to become surgical trainers will be developed and tested. Profile and curriculum will be complemented by a multilingual e-learning platform.


While the study of human medicine in Europe is highly structured and regulated, there are no standardised curricula and teaching methodologies for specialist medical training in most countries - circumstances that have been criticised increasingly in the last years. The teaching staff in clinical practice are usually experienced surgeons who were selected solely according to their surgical expertise. The earlier research project iTOM showed that the improvement of specialist medical training should start in improving the pedagogical-didactic competences of the teaching surgeon.


Course of Action

First, on the basis of a transnational survey, the national framework conditions of surgical training and the current demands on surgical teaching are collected. The competence profile for a surgical trainer will be formulated and a corresponding training curriculum developed, which is then tested in Germany, Spain, Hungary and Romania. In parallel, a multilingual e-learning platform is created, which will allow the exchange between teaching surgeons in Europe.